Highschool Of The Dead Characters

highschool of the dead characters

Today, we have the list of Highschool Of The Dead Characters in details. Find out more about the characters of the anime, history, their childhood and more.

Highschool Of The Dead Characters Names:

  • Takashi Komuro

  • Rei Miyamoto

  • Saeko Busujima

  • Saya Takagi

  • Kohta Hirano

  • Shizuka Marikawa

  • Arisu Maresato

  • Zeke

  • Koichi Shidou

  • Rika Minami

  • Hisashi Igo

  • Asami Nakaoka

  • Soichirou Takagi

  • Yuriko Takagi

  • Miku Yuuki

  • Misuzu Ichijou

  • Toshimi Niki

  • Takuzo

1. Takashi Komuro

Takashi Komuro

Takashi Komuro is the student of Fujima Highschool. He is the informal leader of a group of high school students. It was he who first raised the alarm when he saw the first dead at the entrance to the school. Having lost many friends at school, she does not want to lose anyone else. Poorly with firearms, but tries to learn how to do it. Uses a bat and an Ithaca M37 pump-action shotgun, but in chapter 27 changes it to an M1014 combat shotgun. Like his comrades, he is trying to find his parents in the unfolding disaster.



Born in 1992 in Tokonosu, Japan. His mother worked at Shintoki Junior School No. 3, his father in an unknown position, he often went on business trips.

Komuro went to kindergarten at the age of 5, where he met Rei, Saya and Hisashi (about the rest of the characters is unknown). In kindergarten he fell in love with Rei, who vowed eternal love to him and that they would definitely get married (shortly before the start of the manga and anime dumped him and started dating his best friend Komuro, Hisashi).

Since childhood, he was lazy and did not show much interest in learning. Despite this, he is a good and loyal friend who is always ready to help.

School and the first minutes of the "New World"

As mentioned above, in his studies, Komuro was not an example to follow. He could not come to class, but wander the streets of the city.

It was Komuro who first raised the alarm when he saw how the zombie infected the guard, who in turn was the teacher. Without hesitation, he rushed into the classroom with Rei and Hisashi and without really explaining anything to either the teacher or them what had happened, dragged the children away from the class. The friends were furious, but their anger was interrupted by a siren and an urgent appeal from the headmaster to the teachers and all students. The director gave the order for an immediate evacuation from the building, and before he could finish speaking, he was eaten by zombies (footage of the director's eating was not shown, but from the screams he issued, one could guess what was happening to him). Further, three high school students take improvised weapons and try to get out of school. On the way to the exit, Hisashi was infected and Komuro had to kill him. Then two guys, Miyamoto and Takashi, meet with Kota and Sai, Shizuka and Saeko.

2. Rei Miyamoto

Rei Miyamoto

She is a classmate of Takashi Komuro. As a child, she swore eternal love to him, but shortly before the events of the manga, she left for his best friend Hisashi Igo. After the death of Hisashi, Takashi became the only person close to her, and the love that had gradually passed away was revived with renewed vigor. Ray is the daughter of a police detective. Due to the forgery of one of the teachers, she was left for the second year, for which she hated her teacher Shido-sensei (this was the main reason for her falling out with Takashi). Thanks to his father, he is a trained fighter. Knows how to handle cold and firearms used by the police. Uses an M1A Supermatch rifle, but generally in close combat.



Rei's parents are named Kiriko Miyamoto (mother, deceased) and Tadashi Miyamoto (father). Rei was born in Kyoto, Japan. She went to kindergarten at the age of 5, where she met Komuro, to whom she swore eternal love.

Thanks to the profession of her father, Ray trained under his control from childhood and this resulted in a result, during the invasion of zombies, Ray gave a worthy rebuff. She is also a master of spear combat.


At school, Ray was not an excellent student, nevertheless she studied well. Teacher Koichi Shido changed Rei's grades because her father was investigating his father's dishonest policies, after which she hated her teacher.

At the beginning of the events, Rei did not understand what was happening, but seeing the Japanese teacher in the guise of a zombie begins to understand the situation. With the help of a stroke, she ignites his heart, but the zombie remains "alive" and tries to bite her, but Hisashi protects her and the teacher bites Hisashi Igo. Later, the three of them (Miyamoto, Igo and Komuro) barricaded themselves on the roof of the school, where Hisashi realizes that he is turning into "They" and asks Takashi Komuro to help him commit suicide, Rei does not allow this and Igo turns, almost bites Rei, but Takashi breaks his head with a bat in time.

3. Saeko Busujima

Saeko Busujima

A third grade high school student and president of the kendo club. She was brought up in a traditional family, as a result, she is well versed in everything: from cooking to hand-to-hand combat. As one of the best swordsmen in Japan, she was able not only to survive the first hours of the invasion, but also to save the nurse Shizuka Marikawa . Pragmatic and somewhat cruel, Saeko is always at the forefront of the attack, cutting her way through the crowds of the living dead with her sword.



Saeko was born in the family of a "traditional" person, more specifically, in the family of a person who respects Japanese traditions. Saeko's mother died when she was still a child, so she was raised by her father.

When Saeko was 13 years old, returning from training, she was attacked by a maniac, Saeko had a bokken (a weapon, like a wooden sword), so, as she herself noticed, she could not lose to him. Later Saeko confessed (Episode 9, conversation with Komuro) that she provoked the attack, knowing that she could not lose. Striking the attacker, she broke his shoulder and hip.

Saeko hates her dark side, which she awakened at the age of 13. She did her best to "kill" the "evil" Saeko in herself. After 4 years, "killing" the dead, she realized that she had retained her sadistic qualities and tried to commit suicide by going out alone on the whole crowd of the dead, but Komuro saved her by saying many useful words to her. well, and grabbing the chest, of course!

School Although no words were said about it, it is not difficult to guess that Saeko studied well.

In the first minutes of the zombie invasion, Saeko was in the school gym. Her training was interrupted by an urgent appeal from the principal, to all students and teachers, with a request for an immediate evacuation from the school. Saeko hacked her way to the exit until she bumped into the school nurse, Shizuka Marikawa. The two of them ran to the exit and literally at the door of the school ran into Komuro and Rei and Kota and Saya. All the students (and the nurse) united and ran to the teacher's room to hide from the zombies, calm down, rest and discuss a further plan of action.

4. Saya Takagi

Saya Takagi

High school student at the Fujimi Academy. The daughter of a very wealthy and influential man in the city of Tokonosu.

A classmate of Kota Hirano, with whom she has a fairly close relationship, despite the regular skirmishes. She has a very high IQ, she is also very erudite and is an excellent strategist and tactician. Saya is an adult and independent girl who is angry that adults still perceive her as a child. She cannot forgive herself that she survived the school during the invasion, sacrificing her classmates. Initially carries no weapons, except for a tool bag.

5. Kohta Hirano

Kohta Hirano

A second grade student at Fujimi Academy High School. The main shooter of the Takashi team.

Shows great sympathy for her classmate Sae Takagi. Kohta Hirano is a weapon otaku with excellent command of any firearm. He was taught how to use weapons by his father's friend, a former Green Beret. Hirano is more than comfortable with the new order, as it allows him to be more than just a "fat and awkward maniac otaku." Kohta is a well-aimed shooter and his weapon is a sniper rifle.

6. Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa

Shizuka Marikawa is the nurse of Fujimi High School. Despite her attractive appearance, she does not have a boyfriend, and she lives with her best friend Rika Minami.

She is extremely kind and very naive. As the only adult in the group, Shizuka feels responsible towards the children, although they save her all the time. She is naive, at times, and prone to panic, but it can be very serious if some kind of responsible situation occurs. She is very caring towards the members of the group and combines in herself not only a driver and a doctor, but also a mother, which the heroes need at that moment, especially Alice.

7. Arisu Maresato

Arisu Maresato

Arisu Maresato is a seven-year-old girl who was saved by Takashi on the first day of the zombie invasion.

Her father, a reporter, was killed by survivors who did not want to let anyone else into the house. Having lost her parents, she found a new family in the face of a group, all of whose members she considers older brothers and sisters, not wanting to part with them, even for her own safety. Doesn't part with a puppy named Zeke. Initially, she did not have an important role in the team, after receiving the bicycle she became an excellent scout.

8. Zeke


The puppy taken by Takashi after rescuing Alice.

It was named after the Mitsubishi A6M Zero fighter jet , which was also called the Zeke during World War II.

9. Koichi Shidou

Koichi Shidou

Koichi Shidou is a class 3-A teacher at Fujimi Academy. The main negative character. It is to blame for the fact that Rei Miyamoto was left for the second year. Extremely cunning, cruel and resourceful. The son of the famous politician Shido Ichiro. While helping his father in the election campaigns, he adopted many of his traits. As an assistant to his father, he used blackmail and incriminating evidence to eliminate his enemies and competitors, one of which was Tadashi Miyamoto, who was investigating the case involving Shido Ichiro.

10. Rika Minami

Rika Minami

Rika Minami is a best friend of Shizuki Marikawa. Tokyo police officer. Sniper of the SAT group (Special Assault Team - special forces of the Japanese police). Together with the rest of the detachment, she was sent to Tokyo airport to protect departing aircraft. Pragmatic, calculating and ruthless in relation to enemies. He is very worried about the death of his comrades and worries about the life of his girlfriend.

11. Hisashi Igo

Hisashi Igo

Hisashi Igo is a second year student and Ray's boyfriend and classmate. Together with her, Takashi tried to escape from the school, but was bitten and turned into a zombie, because of which Takashi had to kill him.

12. Asami Nakaoka

Asami Nakaoka

Asami Nakaoka is a 18-year-old female traffic police trainee. She was left in the department store by her curator to protect the survivors and ensure law and order (the curator himself went to the police headquarters for help and, as it turned out later, died before reaching the headquarters). She is very kind and responsive, and has a great sense of responsibility, but at the same time, she is very incompetent like a policeman. Due to low self-esteem, he constantly speaks of himself in the third person.

13. Soichirou Takagi

Soichirou Takagi

Soichirou Takagi is the father of Sai Takagi. The head of the ultra-nationalist party of Japan. A cruel and charismatic leader. He prefers to judge people by their actions. He loves his daughter very much, although she does not show it. Excellent swordsmanship. Very respectful of Saeko , saying that he owes much to her father. When the Invasion began, and the authorities lost control of the situation, Soichiro, along with his associates, cleared his quarter of zombies and organized a refugee reception center on the territory of the estate. Soichiro perfectly understands the current situation and the need to act decisively, but many survivors do not accept his methods, considering them cruel and inhuman.

14. Yuriko Takagi

Yuriko Takagi

Yuriko Takagi is the wife of Soichirou Takagi and mother of Sai Takagi. She worked in New York as a Wall Street broker until she met Soichiro Takagi. According to Sai, she married Soichiro just two days after they met. Significantly increased the wealth of the Takagi family through her business connections, although this prompted accusations of financial fraud from her husband's political opponents. She completed a self-defense course, which made her an excellent fighter.

15. Miku Yuuki

Miku Yuuki

She is a second grade student at Fujima High School. Considered one of the sexiest girls in Fujima High School. She subsequently joined the Koichi Shido group.

16. Misuzu Ichijou

Misuzu Ichijou
Fujimi High School student. Toshimi's best friend is Niki, which, however, did not stop her from immediately leaving her bitten friend in an attempt to escape. Transformed into a zombie at the beginning of the Invasion.

17. Toshimi Niki

Toshimi Niki

She was a Fujimi High School student and best friend of Misuzu Ichijou. Transformed into a zombie at the beginning of the Invasion.

18. Takuzo


Takuzo was a Fujimi High School student who led a group of survivors to the entrance of the school during the zombie apocalypse.

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