The Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

The Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters

In these article you'll learn about The Seven Deadly Sins anime characters, their power, age, sacred weapon, sins and more.

The Seven Deadly Sins Anime Characters Age And Their Sins Explain

1. Meliodas (Over 3,000 Years Old)

Meliodas Seven Deadly Sins

Anger, the dragon's sin, main character and leader of the Seven Deadly Sins. To collect information about the members of his squad, he holds a mobile bar "Hat of the Boar", which moves from place to place on the back of a giant boar. Possesses the ability to reflect enemy attacks on himself, while strengthening them many times. However, he cannot attack himself.

2. Gowther (Over 3,000 Years Old)

Gowther Seven Deadly Sins

Lust, the sin of the goat. Has the ability to telepathy, create illusions and manipulate the memories of the enemy. Practically devoid of emotions, but, if necessary, proves himself to be a talented actor.

3. Merlin (Over 3,000 Years Old)

Merlin Seven Deadly Sins

Member of the Seven Deadly Sins. Gluttony, the sin of the boar. Her sacred relic is the morning star Aldan. She loves experiments, has many experimental drugs and substances. Merlin is a calm and cool woman who has such a character trait as playfulness.

4. King (Over 1,300 Years Old)

King Seven Deadly Sins

Laziness, the sin of the grizzly. In fact, the king of the fairies, Harlequin, who left his throne 700 years ago and left the care of fairies to his sister, Elaine. In love with Diana.

Sacred relic - Chastifol spirit spear, capable of changing its shape and controlled by King from a distance. Able to turn into a full man. Has a pet-friend - "Black Hunter" Oslo, which can create portals in its mouth. Hobby - embroidery.

5. Diane (750 Years Old)

Diane Seven Deadly Sins

Diana is a beautiful giantess. Envy, the sin of the serpent. In love with Meliodas ever since he stood up for her in the past and became the first to worry about her. Like all representatives of the people of giants, she is able to rule the earth, raising towers from it and creating whirlpools of sand.

6. Ban (43 Years Old)

Ban Seven Deadly Sins

Ban is greed, the sin of the fox. Has the ability to steal not only objects, but also for some time the physical strength of the enemy. Weapons - three-piece nunchucks. Ban is a person who does something out of curiosity. Selfish and greedy, but also capable of caring.

In addition, Ban is easily surprised, as seen, for example, in a situation where he is convinced that Hawk can speak.

7. Escanor (40 Years Old)

Escanor Seven Deadly Sins

Escanor is pride, the sin of a lion. At night, Escanor is the weakest of the Holy Knights, very cowardly and indecisive. However, as the sun rises, he becomes incredibly courageous, his muscles increase, and he has the ability to radiate sunlight. At noon, his strength reaches its maximum. In love with Merlin.

8. Elizabeth Liones (16 Years Old)

Elizabeth Liones Seven Deadly Sins

The third princess of the kingdom. Seeking out the Seven Deadly Sins and for this purpose travels with Meliodas as his waitress.

9. Hawk (16 Years Old)

Hawk Seven Deadly Sins

The talking boar Meliodas, the son of the boar on which the "Boar Hat" travels. In the bar, he is responsible for cleaning, eating food that falls on the floor.

10. Hawk Mama (Unknown)

Hawk Mama Seven Deadly Sins

Hawk Mama is a giant boar and mother of Hawk. She has a "Boar Hat" on top of her which is the bar of Meliodas.

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