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In this post, I have listed the 10 similar Anime Like Hundred. If you want anime similar to hundred then you must check this list.
Note: The list is not sorted as top 1-10.

1. IS: Infinite Stratos

infinite stratos In the near future, the development of technology has led to the fact that all types of weapons have been supplanted by giant flying humanoid robots called IS (Infinite Stratos). The colossal power of this exoskeleton makes any military action meaningless, which almost guarantees mutual destruction, and therefore, they create mechs now for the sake of sports competitions only. There is, however, one important feature: only girls can use it! Rather, it was so before, because the main character of the anime is the first guy in the world who managed to turn on IS. And now he has to study at the IS Academy - which, of course, was built exclusively for girls and is inhabited by them, only by them and by no one else.

A good entertaining anime that solves the main problem of any kind of school harem - monotony - by adding spectacular action in the form of mech. In addition, Infinite Stratos does not focus on fan service, and therefore the series can be watched with pleasure, not with annoyance.

2. The Asterisk War

The Asterisk War After a meteorite hail fell on the planet, the Earth underwent changes, and this cosmic sediment was called by people "inversion". Over time, people built a new city from the ruins. Simultaneously with the development of the city, strong people of "Genestella" began to appear, who could use the energy of "Mana" available after the tragedy. The city of Rikka, which was founded in the middle of a crater lake, was the place for a showdown between the largest forces on the planet. And it even became the largest fighting tournament, where the "Festa" event was held - the festival of the best fights. Many young people took part in this tournament, representing one of six corporations. They began to find out who was the best of the Star Impulse generation.

Among the participants was Ayato Amagiri, who arrived in Rikki at the invitation of Claudia Anfield, Chairman of the Student Council of the Saidokan Academy. Only a young man finds himself in these parts, and he already has problems ... Before his gaze is the malicious "Witch of the Shimmering Rose", Julis Alexia, who wants to fight. What will the hero do? Of course, he will fight because he loves fighting!

3. Absolute Duo

Absolute Duo The story begins with the Braze - this weapon is a manifestation of the human soul. Tooru Kokonoe is one of the few who is compatible with Luciful, but for some reason, his Braze is not a weapon, but a shield. In addition, he enrolled in the Kouryou Academy, a school that specializes in martial arts, and thanks to the partner system, he lives with a beautiful gray-haired girl.

4. Date a life

Date a life Shido Itsuka is a simple high school student. On the last day of spring break, a monstrous explosion destroys his hometown, and a girl in armor suddenly appears in front of him. No sooner had Shido regained consciousness, he was overwhelmed by new information: his sister, Kotori, declares that this girl is a spirit that caused space-time shifts. Along the way, Kotori announces that he is the commander of the Ratatoskr organization and its task is to prevent the death of humanity at the hands of the spirit girl. And the safest way to do this is to romance her!

Thus, responsibility for the fate of the world fell on Shido's shoulders, and the only parting words he heard was his sister's joke: “I'm not asking you to defeat the spirit. Just let her fall in love with you and save humanity!"

5. Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle

Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle Five years ago, a guy named Lux was a prince in the Arcadian Kingdom, but there was a coup. The unknown, dubbed the "black hero", stopped a tyranny that had lasted hundreds of years by overthrowing the government. The empire is now called Atismata.

Somehow chasing a cat, Lux falls into the women's bathhouse, causing the anger of the girls there. Later, he realizes that these girls are from the academy where the Drag Knights are being trained. The director, having found out who this guy is, invites him to work in the academy, but the girl from the bathhouse, angry at his previous antics, and in combination, the princess of the new empire challenges Lux, to which the director notes that the guy was nicknamed "the weakest, but undefeated."

6. Trinity Seven

Trinity Seven Arata Kasugi is a simple guy who lives a simple life. He has a sister, Hijiri, who also knows no problems.

However, their lives are turned upside down when by some mysterious phenomenon Hijiri is pulled into another dimension. She only leaves her brother on Earth with some strange artifact. The same one immediately uses it to return his sister. The guy cannot yet master the magic of the artifact, so he enters the Royal Bible Academy, where he can learn the basics of magic. He will have to go through the most difficult trials, he will almost have to move mountains, defeat several experienced wizards in order to receive a diploma.

The Asses of magic that will have to be fought are called Trinity. To master the art of magic, a person must choose one of the seven deadly sins. They function as collections or archives of witchcraft knowledge. Each department includes a few more specializations, so there is plenty to choose from!

7. Freezing

Freezing The protagonist of the anime series " Freeze " Kazuya enters a military school, created to deal with the threat of alien origin. The young man's sister died in the war with aliens and now Kazuya is full of desire to take revenge. In the same school under the name "Galaxy" a special women's division "Pondora" was created. Now they together have to save humanity from destruction.

8. Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?

Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon The series is followed by aspiring adventurer Bell Cranel, who travels through dungeons and tries to fight monsters in hopes of meeting a hot chick. It's like the exact opposite of the reason why Goblin Slayer does what he does.

Bell ends up dating a hot chick, but that's not exactly what he expected, considering she's a hot goddess with big tits, but she has other plans.

The plot tells about the duo and his adventures on waves in the fantasy world of Orario. Don't expect goblins popping cherry-picking newbies like in Goblin Slayer, though. It is much more manual work, despite the fact that it still features nudity, sexual content, and a lot of violence.

9. World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman

World Break Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman The events take place in a private high school in which the so-called "Messiahs" are taught. They are known as people who possess memories of their past lives. The story tells about a young man named Morokha Khaimura, who enters this school.

All students are divided into two types. These are the "light ones" - those who fight using weapons and techniques, fed by the prana drawn from their own bodies. And "dark" that destroy enemies with spells, using mana.

Morokha Khaimura is the first person in the world who in his past lives managed to be both "dark" and "light".

10. Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry (Chivalry of a Failed Knight)

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Imagine a world in which a human soul can be transformed into a magical weapon. Along the way, imagine the people existing in this world, the so-called magicians-knights, in whose power to pull such a trick. Now imagine an ordinary guy, Ikki Kurogane , a student of a certain institution where hundreds of young magicians are trained in the skill of knights. And all would be fine, but only Ikki on a large scale "has no luck" in his studies. That is why the guy got the offensive nickname "Loser Knight".

However, it was not at all from a lack of abilities that Ikki was forced to stay for a second year. What seemed to be understood only by the new head of the educational institution, with whose arrival an unusual rule was added to the charter, stating that knights, whose abilities are at the same level, should live together!


If you like anime similar to hundred where theirs are a lot of cliches and ecchi moments, then you should check out the animes I have listed above.

All of the animes come with harem genre as hundred. Although they all are quite similar in terms of genre, they have different feelings and vibes.

Comment down below which one is your favorite?

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